What’s the Magic Word?

You know how usually when we want children to say please and thank you, we may say, “What’s the magic word?” Well, this open ended question was recently responded with “Abracadabra”. We have been reading stories about magic so this response definitely makes sense.

While thinking deeply. I was super proud of our child in that moment. You know the story: “Winnie the Witch”? well in it she says the magical words “abracadabra!” to turn her cat different colors. And, it works. The connections, synapses in the brain, schema and all of that shown in that one phrase!

Preschoolers make so many connections way more than in a lifetime. Let’s listen, really listen for it. Here are the facts: The little grey cells making up your mind are mostly neurons. There are 100 billion right now in your head! With over a 1,000 TRILLION connections aka synapse, in your brain, there are more transmission pathways in your head than there are atoms in the universe! Think about this: The number of synapses peaks in early childhood, so the average three year old has ten times as many as the average adult.

As I observed some children playing “Boiling eggs”while playing family and  I saw a child’s face go perplexed for a moment and he said, “My blood is boiling!” He smiled and said you know that means I’m really angry. He played with the words as he said but it’s not my blood but my eggs are boiling.

How to engage with children…

1. Listen

2. Be present

3. Be playful

4. Be yourself…your best self

5. Throw whatever you thought you knew out the window…children have a way of proving theories and what we thought we knew wrong.

Hence, why child theorists are theorists. They are theories. Theories for a reason, a season and a moment until someone else comes along and proves it wrong. We evolve and we change. Just like the seasons. Most of all, just like our children. We learn so much about ourselves. When we listen and they show and share what they need. During this process, we learn what we need for ourselves.